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Booking a vacation to Sweden can be the trip of a lifetime -especially in summer. While in country, there are many options for places to visit, things to see, and activities to do. Although each visitor may be into something different, Sweden truly has an activity to please everyone — […]

9 Things to Do in Sweden in Summer

Without beaches or scorching hot summer climate, Dublin is truly a weekend holiday destination all throughout the year. It appeals completely autonomous of its weather and is more strongly associated with the nightlife, people, history and culture of the city. Actually, with its darkening nights during the winter together with […]

November in Dublin — Events, Weather and Travel Tips

Looking for the best attractions in Dublin? Look no more because here’s a list of some of the best Dublin attractions that you should not miss visiting during your trip to this beautiful city. Dublin Trinity College This college was formerly exclusive to the elite society of Ireland and yet […]

Attractions in Dublin

The only post you’ll ever need: this is your one-stop Irish travel guide! So, after a year and almost a thousand posts on Ireland, I thought I’d put the site to the test and demonstrate how to use to plan your visit to Ireland. What follows is a step-by-step […]

Plan your visit to Ireland

You probably know I’ve been running posts on Irish slang. You may remember back in May I published a substantial post about the use of the Irish language in modern Ireland. Heck, I even auditioned for the Irish Sesame Street as gaeilge, but I’ve actually made very little mention of […]

10 “useful” phrases in Irish (as gaeilge)

During my brief visit to the bay area a few weeks ago I did somehow find the opportunity to have a couple of beers at a bar and it all came back to me. Allow me to provide some context: like most socially-minded young men I spent a number of […]

Tipping in Irish pubs