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Russia and the British Council are at odds as Russia is asking the British Council to close its offices and the British Council initially refused. The British Council then reported that its British and Russian staff were harassed by Russian authorities. The word is that this is connected to the […]

Bad News For The British Council In Russia

Nowhere do chain EFL schools about as in Japan, so if you’re considering EFL in Japan you’ve probably heard of or thought about working for AEON, GEOS, Interac, and Westgate (and possibly Nova, but that’s another story). A word about comparisons: beware of oversimplifying things to make them. Your overall […]

Comparing AEON, GEOS, Interac And Westgate In Japan

(New EU: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia; Pre-EU: Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine) Also see TEFL In Europe and TEFL In Western Europe; for specifics on Eastern Europe read on here.

TEFL In Eastern Europe