For travelers visiting Thailand, Phuket Airfares is the best source for great deals on airfare. Before departing, however, it is highly recommended that travelers learn a few common terms in Thai to better interact with locals and ensure the best travel experience. Here is a list of 10 common and […]

10 Thai Words to Learn Before You Travel to Thailand

The best time to visit Phuket depends on many factors. Weather may be the main issue for people. Some people like the low season because the island has fewer visitors and resort and airfares are lower. Some people prefer the high season because of the crowds and nightlife. It is […]

Phuket Weather Guide

BootsnAll has been working hard lately at updating their indie travel guides and destination specific content. With Thailand as one of the top  indie travel destinations in the world and a great home base for travel in Southeast Asia, we offer plenty of articles and resources to help plan your […]

Top Southeast Asia Travel Resources

Bangkok is a polarizing city. Some love it. Some hate it. And it doesn’t matter what your travel experience. Some newbie travelers who have never been to Southeast Asia may be overwhelmed at first but end up loving their time in Bangkok. Other veteran travelers who have been all over […]

Why You Should Add Bangkok to Your Round the World ...