Cheap Family Vacations

RV familyThe subject of cheap family vacations is a huge one and it will be covered thoroughly throughout this site. A big part of finding something considered a cheap vacation is using a bit of creativity in your searching process. It would be great if there were websites that offered complete packages of things that your family will enjoy, and offered them at a very low price, but the reality is that prepackaged fun usually costs quite a bit more than an itinerary you invent on your own.

Ideas for cheap family vacations

Cheap cruises

Many people who’ve never been on a cruise, or at least haven’t investigated one, think of a vacation on the high seas as something only for the wealthy, but in reality these things can be extremely affordable, especially when you consider all that’s included. You can often get a cheap cabin that fits up to 4 people, or a big discount on an adjacent cabin if you have a bigger group. Once on board all your food, entertainment, and transportation are included in the price. If you compare the cost of a cheap cruise to a hotel in Orlando it might seem expensive, but if you compare the cost of a cruise to an entire Orlando vacation it can be quite a bargain. Check out cruises for families for an excellent site on the subject.




Last-minute packages

The subject of last-minute deals is covered on another part of the site more fully, but just in case you aren’t aware of how these things work, often hotels and resorts that appear to have too many rooms will slash their prices with about 3 weeks to go with the hopes of filling them up. So these deals tend to be more focused on trips within a month than truly “last minute” deals. As long as you are flexible with where you’d like to go you should be able to get a good discount on something similar to what you have in mind. You might not be able to book the exact hotel in San Diego you have in mind, but you can be fairly sure some hotel in San Diego will offer a really good deal just a few weeks out.

RV trips

This is another type of trip that can seem really expensive when you first look into it, but when you look more closely you’ll see that it’s a major bargain. The cost of renting a vehicle will always seem a bit high, and gas prices are crazy too, but since you are combining your accommodation and transportation into one these will be your only real expenses. Stop off at a grocery store anywhere and you’ll be cooking outdoors or inside the RV itself so the cost of food won’t be any more than it is at home. Check out RV Vacation rentals for the specifics.

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