Make Milwaukee Your Midwest Budget Summer Destination

For some people, a summer trip equals the beach, or time spent exploring the country’s national parks, or a weekend camping in the wilderness.  For people in the Midwest of the US, the assumption is that to reach any of those places, you need to travel far and spend a lot. But that’s not the case. In fact, wit thousands of lakes (and their attached beautiful beaches), plentiful national parks and countless miles of empty space, you can have your perfect summer vacation without straying to far from America’s heartland.

If you live in the Midwest, you have a whole host of choices available to you, all within a few hours drive (or bus or train ride) or a quick and cheap flight. If you’re in Minnesota or Milwaukee, consider heading south to the shores of Lake Michigan to spend a weekend in Chicago or explore the Southwest Michigan wine trail. If you’re in Missouri or Indiana, drive north to the ruggedly beautiful forests near the Canadian border. And if you’re in northern Illinois, it’s only a short drive to Milwaukee.




In fact, Milwaukee is one of the best options for a Midwest weekend getaway for those coming from other major cities. It’s easy to find cheap flights to Milwaukee from other major hubs, though you can also easily visit the city on a Midwest weekend road trip from Illinois, Indiana or Michigan. And unlike the other major Midwest city – Chicago – Milwaukee is pretty affordable for lodgings and dining all year round. Visitors in the summer can also attend fun events like the Milwaukee Summerfest, farmer’s markets, beer festivals and street parties. And if you want to escape the city, Milwaukee is within easy reach of more rural areas perfect for camping, hiking or boating. So whether your ideal summer vacation means living it up in the city or relaxing in the middle of nowhere, Milwaukee is a great option in the Midwest.

Photo by ChiBart

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