Sardinia: Italy’s Beach Playground

The truth is most Italophiles don’t need to be given reasons to book a flight to Italy. Most people who love travel just need to find time – it’s not reasons to get out the door that we’re lacking. Still, when reading a recent article listing eight reasons to travel to Sardinia, it’s fun to find out how little we know about a place (which, of course, makes us want to go even more).

A quick glance at a map reveals that Sardinia – unlike Italy’s other major island, Sicily – is fairly isolated. Getting to Sardinia from the Italian mainland is easy via boat or plane, so for travelers this isn’t an issue, but Sardinia being set apart from the rest of the country means that (as the article says) it’s both “geographically detached and geologically older” than the rest of Italy.

This is a country known for its ancient ruins, but Sardinia’s got ancient structures that are older than the ruins in Rome – by a few thousand years. These stone formations – often tower-like – are ruins today, but they haven’t completely disappeared after more than 5,000 years and more than 8,000 of them still dot the Sardinian landscape. That might be reason alone to start planning a Sardinia trip, but there’s more.




Animal lovers have a few creatures to look for in Sardinia, some of which are only found on the island – including small wild horses and albino donkeys. Bird watchers will enjoy migration season, when 200 different species make Sardinia their layover spot. Foodies have all kinds of unique eats to get excited about, including a cheese that’s intentionally served with live maggots in it – for the more adventurous eater, of course.

Above all, Sardinia is known for its beaches – it’s a popular vacation destination for Italians and many Europeans during August, but aside from the posh Costa Smeralda there are plenty more beaches (most of which are cheaper) on which to lay your blanket. Keep in mind that while you might find more results if you search for a hotel in Cagliari (the island’s capital city), you’ll find better deals – and fewer people – if you head to less-populated parts of Sardinia. This means renting a car, as the island is nearly impossible to get around without your own vehicle, but the extra expense is worth it to experience the best of what Sardinia has to offer.

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