The Most Popular Tours in France [Sponsored Post]

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So you want to travel to France and experience the best that Europe tours can offer? One of the most highly-ranked tourist destinations in the world, it’s a country so packed with famous attractions and things to do that it can be hard to navigate your trip from the outside. For ease of mind – and to make the most of your vacation – consider taking a tour.

#5: Wine Tours
You can’t say you’ve been to France until you’ve tried some of the wine. Take a tour through Provence, Paris, or Bordeaux and smack your lips through the best the country has to offer. Travel options include going by bus, car, or even taking a walking tour through vineyards and famous wineries – just make sure you don’t get too buzzed from all the taste tests!

#4: Adventure Tours
Feeling up for a challenge? Adventure tours in France will get your blood pumping while also affording you a unique – and thrilling – look at some of France’s most famous landmarks. Climb the icy Mount Blac or surf the beaches of Brittany. Bike through Loire Valley and follow trails all the way to the Alps.

If you want to see more than just France? Travel and tour groups use the country as a starting point for extensive, multi-day tours spanning the entirety of Europe. Pack a camera and get moving!




#3: Countryside Tours
France is famous for the glitz and glam of its cities, but there’s an entire world off the beaten path. Companies like Trafalgar will show you the way. Want to see the villages of St. Tropez, the cafes of Nice, the rolling hills of Provence? Fancy trekking the fields of Burgandy or the picturesque coast of Basque Country?

To get the most from your money, group tours like Gap Adventures and French Experience offer busy schedules and daily itineraries. For something a little more flexible, En France offers private tours by bilingual expats.

#2: Food Tours
Because you need to compliment the wine! A food tour through France is a tasty way to see the best of the country without breaking the bank. Stuff yourself with cheese in Marin and chocolate in Paris. Roam the bakeries of Montmartre for crisp, fluffy pastries and the world’s #1 ranked baguettes. French cuisine is some of the most famous in the Western hemisphere, and it can be right at your fingertips with the right tour – just make sure your belt has a few extra notches.

#1: Tourist Tours
Ideal for first-time visitors of France, tourist tours are designed to take you through all the biggest, most famous attractions and pack in just about everything the country has to offer. Experience the wonders of cliffs and waterfalls in Pyrenees National Park, or take a cycling tour through Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Luxembourg Gardens. Wander Bayeux for a historic look at the Battle of Normandy.

Whatever your destination, don’t be shy – millions of tourists visit France each year, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a quintessential look at one of the world’s most amazing places. Happy visiting!

Photo by: Patrick Goossens

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