Tips for Saving on Your Labor Day Vacation

It’s almost here – that last glorious three-day weekend that signifies the end of summer and one final chance to get away for a long weekend. If you don’t already have plans, you’re not out of luck. Here are a few ideas to help you save on your trip, even at this late stage of the game.

  • Take to the internet. Labor Day Travel Deals are out there, you just need to find them. Sign up for alerts on all your favorite sites and with all your preferred airlines. You’d be surprised how many last-minute deals go out via email every day. You just need to make sure that you’re aware of the options.
  • Be flexible. The best days to fly over Labor Day are when everyone else isn’t (duh) as this means better chance of a deal, lower prices, and much less stress dealing with a crowded airport and long security lines. Most people travel Friday and Monday so if you can shift your weekend around a bit you could save money and have a better experience.
  • Be ready to act fast. Many last minute deals have very limited availability, so if you want to snag those cheap flights, you’ve got to be ready to book as soon as you find a deal.
  • Think locally. You don’t have to resort to a staycation, just pick a destination within a short train, bus or car ride if you can’t afford flights. By the time you would have driven to the airport, waited in line, flown to your destination and disembarked, you could have driven several hours away from your house – far enough away to feel like a real vacation.
  • Negotiate. If you’ve found a hotel, resort, or vacation rental that still has availability late in the game, try to negotiate on price. Many lodging owners would rather compromise on price than let a room go unsold.

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