United/Lufthansa Winter Sale to Europe from $464 RT

I’m noticing lately that a lot of the airfare deals aren’t necessarily new, they’re just extensions of other deals I’ve seen (and written about here) in past months. There are occasionally some new offerings, but for the most part airlines seem to have lots of ongoing sales these days – and this one is no different. United & Lufthansa have a new (read: extended) fall/winter fare sale to several European cities from several US cities.

The deal here is that you’ve got to book your tickets by August 5, 2008, and your trip has to happen on non-weekend days (in other words, Mondays-Thursdays only) between October 27-December 11 or December 25-31. You’ve also got to incorporate a Saturday-night stay in your trip, and can’t stay longer than 30 days.




Here are some of the sample fares available:

  • New York-Munich – $464 RT
  • Chicago-London – $648
  • Boston-Athens – $782
  • Los Angeles-Dublin – $784
  • Baltimore-Prague – $792

As always you’ll need to read the details on this sale before you book.

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