Valentine’s Day Trips: Near or Far

We may just have kissed goodbye to another hectic holiday season, but don’t let the next holiday sneak up and catch you unaware. I’m not talking about next Christmas, either – I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. The last thing you need is to become the bad guy in the house because you forgot the holiday of love, after all.

Now, traveling in mid-February isn’t always an option, since not everyone has vacation time built up after Christmas, but since Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year if you can spare even one day off of work you can turn it into a three-day weekend trip – just long enough for a quick romantic getaway.

If you have more time you can get away from work and you’re really looking to impress that special someone, why not surprise them with a trip to Italy? There’s no denying Italy’s romantic appeal, and in mid-Feburary you can find cheap flights to Rome and be spoiled for choice among the cheap Rome hotels. You can even get good deals on hotels that might be splurges in the high season but have lowered their off-season prices dramatically.




If you’re having trouble finding great deals on flights directly to Rome from your home airport, remember you can look for great prices on flights to other major European hubs and then get a budget airline’s flight from there to Italy. For instance, if you find a killer bargain on London travel deals from where you live, couple that with a discount carrier’s flight from London to Rome and you’re set.

Another budget travel tip is regarding the hotels in Rome, and it’s new as of 2011. This year, hotels in Rome have started charging a new hotel tax. It doesn’t amount to too much (at most it’s 3euro per person per night), but if you’re really counting your pennies to make a trip happen every little bit adds up. The best way of avoiding Rome’s hotel tax is to stay in a hostel – there’s no tax on hostel beds – but if that’s not romantic enough for a Valentine’s Day trip, consider picking a hotel with fewer stars. 1- and 2- star hotels have less tax than hotels with more stars.

There are Valentine’s Day travel deals a-plenty out there at this time of year, and whether you opt for a grand trip across an ocean or an overnight in a fancy hotel the next town over, this is a holiday that lends itself well to travel.

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