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The capital of China, Beijing is also the second largest city in the country. Home to the world famous Forbidden City and offering quick access to the Great Wall of China, Beijing is a place which attracts millions of visitors every year.

The city’s layout mimics the Forbidden City, having ring roads surrounding the buildings. If you want to be close to the sights, look for cheap hostels located within the Ring Road Two. There are four districts to choose from and all are packed with good hostel options.

Although the majority of hostels use the word “hostel” in their name, there are also hostel-like establishments which use either “hotel”, “inn” or “house”. So, when looking for a cheap place to stay, check the facilities and prices offered to determine whether you’ll be staying in a hostel or hotel.




Hotels in Beijing offer both shared dorms and private rooms. If the idea of sharing a room with 12 other travelers is not your cup of then, you can always opt for a private room. In many places, private rooms also come with private bathrooms, making them an excellent option for couples and families.

Even if you stay in a private room, you’ll still have the chance to socialize. Hostels offer common areas where you can watch TV or read a book. And that’s where you get to meet fellow travelers, too.

The main advantage of hotels is that they tend to be located close to the sights and have easy access to public transportation. And all that for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a hotel.

Speaking of prices, a private double room starts at US$37.90 per night and you’ll be staying in Old Beijing. A bed in a 8-bed dorm starts at US$6.34 per night and you’ll stay in the Dongcheng District, which is the area that includes the Forbidden City. The same hostel offers doubles from US$28.22 per night (with private bathroom and free breakfast).

When booking a hostel bed , it’s best to plan in advance as you get plenty of choices and you can shop around. There are plenty of hidden gems once you take the time to look for the details. You’d want to be close to the sights and the public transportation (unless you plan to arrange private airport pick-up, which is offered by hostels at very good prices).

Photo by: Vanessa Smith

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