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Shanghai is the largest city in China and definitely the more developed. In the past 20 years , it has gained a lot of popular among travelers. As a result, the cheap accommodation options are plentiful.

Basically, the city is divided into two large areas: Puxi and Pudong. Puxi is, in turn, divided into districts. And this is where you should be looking for places to stay. Hostels have the advantage of being located close to the sights so finding a good cheap hostel in the Bund or the French Concession (Luwan) is not a problem. The Old City is also a desirable area.

Many hostels in Shanghai also have “youth” written in their names. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to show your ID card and be accepted based on your age. Nowadays, those age limits linked to youth hostels are gone.




You’ll also notice that budget hotels and apartments are listed by hostel booking websites. That’s because those establishments offer hostel-like facilities and , in many cases, they are the hidden gems of the cities.

If you don’t like the idea of staying within 10 other travelers in a shared dorm, you can always choose a private room. In many cases, private rooms come with private bathrooms, too, making them an excellent option for families or couples.

But don’t worry, you won’t be suffering on the socializing part of your trip, either. The common areas is where you’ll be watching TV or reading books, playing games or using the internet…so you’ll also get a chance to socialize.

Price-wise, expect to pay from US$23.78 per night in a private double room (with private bathroom) and from US$6.34 per night per bed in an 8-bed dorm. Breakfast costs under US$3 and you’ll be staying in the Lujiazui district. Close to the Bund, expect to pay from US$38.06 per night for a double room and US$7.14 per night per bed in a 4-bed dorm.

Photo by: Preston Rhea

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