China in April

April is one of the best times to visit China. From warm temperatures in the north , allowing for exploring the nature, to almost sunbathing weather in the south , China is a lovely place to be discovered now. Don’t forget the camera as the nature puts on a lovely show. And, best of all, the crowds haven’t arrived yet and you can enjoy the country at a slower pace.


April means spring and that brings warm weather and flowering trees. Spring also means it’s quite possible to rain. But don’t let that stop you from visiting the beautiful country.

In North China the temperatures are still on the colder side. Wear warm clothes and choose layering. Central and Southern China see quite a lot of rain during this time of the year, but the weather is quite warm. In Central China, a light coat is enough but don’t forget the umbrella. In the South you can get away with t-shirts during the day but pack a coat for the evenings.

Sample temperatures:

Beijing avg high 20C / avg low 8C
Shanghai avg high 19C / avg low 11C
Guangzhou avg high 26C / avg low 20C
Xi’an avg high 21C / avg low 10C




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Flights and accommodation

Now it’s time to gear up for the upcoming summer season, so the airfare and hotel room prices start to go up by the end of the month. Still, planning your vacation ahead of time means you can find an affordable flight to China . As for the places to stay, if the hotel proves to be a bit too expensive, look up hostels (especially in major cities).

What to do

April is a month which photographers love. So if you are looking for scenic beauty, head to Wuyuan (Jiangxi Province) or Luoping (Yunnan Province). You will be rewarded with magnificent scenery.

Sister’s Meal Festival is celebrated in Guizhou and this means you can see a lot of interesting activities, including horse racing.

The fans of Formula 1 should head to Shanghai (mid April) to see the event live. Or you can explore the city and enjoy some of its culinary delights.

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April is a lovely month to visit Beijing. It’s finally warm enough to indulge in spending time in nature and checking out the sites. You can plan to visit the Forbidden City and don’t forget about the Great Wall, either.

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