China in November

November is not yet winter but it’s not exactly a warm month either. The summer crowds are gone so you won’t be bothered by the crowds. The north is cold but southern China is pleasant. If you haven’t seen the fall foliage in October, you can still see it now.


The north is cold. Pack winter clothes, including the warm coat , sweaters and gloves. Central China is also cold and you can add the wind , as well. So make sure your jacket protects you. Southern China is milder but the weather can change suddenly. So pack for pretty much any weather. Layering is a good option.

Sample temperatures:

Beijing avg high 10C / avg low 0C
Shanghai avg high 19C / avg low 9C
Guangzhou avg high 25C / avg low 16C
Xi’an avg high 12C / avg low 3C

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Flights and Accommodation

If you fly in November, the flight to China is not that expensive but you should still book slightly in advance. Don’t worry about finding accommodation either. Still, booking in advance will usually bring some discounts.

What to do

Although not a warm city now, Beijing can offer a nice experience with all the crowds gone. Explore the Forbidden City at your own pace and plan for a day trip to the Great Wall.

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Or you can plan to visit Shanghai, with its museums and parks. Don’t forget about the traditional food and you can even start your holidays shopping here.

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If you missed planning a trip to China in October and still want to see the fall foliage, there are some destinations which are worth your time. Fragrant Hill in Beijing still offers lovely colors at the beginning of the month and so does Miyaluo.

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