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tour boatTours are an incredible way to visit any country or city. When visiting China you will find tours for any type of budget and for any type of traveler. If you like to enjoy sightseeing one of the China’s beautiful cities without having to map your own route, city tours are the best alternative.

City Tours

It takes quite a lot of planning and research if you want to explore the full potential of a big Chinese city. No matter what you do, you’d still miss something. Plus, car renting is not an option in China yet (it will be during the Olympic Games though) so the best way to enjoy a worry-free sightseeing experience is to take a city tour.

To avoid the potential traps make sure to ask for recommendations at the hotel. They would either tell you about the travel agency they prefer to work with or give you a list to choose from.

A day tour in Beijing visiting Tienanmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall costs US$125 for a person (prices lower if more persons purchase the ticket at the same time; if the group is made of 10 persons, the tour costs US$50 per person). The tour starts at 8 AM when the agency will pick you up from the hotel and end at about 6 PM when you’ll be taken back to the hotel.




Other tours

One of the biggest attractions in China is the Great Wall so many types of tours are available to explore this incredible structure. The hiking tours can last between several hours to several days. If you plan to take a day tour of the Great Wall you will pay about US$20 per person.

The Giant Pandas are among the highlights of any vacation in China. You can mix visiting them with several other landmarks in a day tour which takes about 8 hours and costs US$30 per person. Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, and Panda Bus Tour is available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will be picked up at the hotel at around 8 AM and taken back to the hotel at about 6 PM.

Planning a cruise on Yangtze River? No problem. There are plenty of options. Depending on what type of cruise you prefer (and the facilities included) you will pay between US$383 and US$765 per person.

Do you want to learn to cook authentic Chinese dishes? You can! A day tour which includes lunch and a cooking lesson (you will learn to prepare 3 dishes) costs at least US$40 per person.

A lot of different types of tours are available, mixing the old and the new, the culture and the history, the fun and the mysteries of the Chinese culture.

Here is a tour guide in China:

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