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Without a doubt China is a huge country: it’s big, it’s crowded, it’s not English-speaking friendly but it’s absolutely beautiful! There are plenty of travel guides written about this beautiful country and even those can’t comprise everything about it. So read the page for a glimpse of what to expect in China.

Flights to China

The first thing to consider when planning your vacation in China is your plane ticket. Although a lot of airlines serve the country it’s a bit difficult to nail a cheap ticket to the country. Consider flying into Seoul (South Korea) or Hong Kong and then catching a low-cost flight to China.

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Where to stay in China




The next step to planning your vacation is, obviously, finding a place to stay. China can be both cheap and expensive when it comes to accommodation. If you are the independent type of traveler, a private room in a hostel would probably serve you best if you want both the privacy and company of fellow travelers, while not paying an arm and a leg for it. A bed in a dorm costs as low as US$8/night.

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Getting around in China

Once arrived in China you can either fly to another city or take a bus or a train. Sometimes flying might be more expensive than the alternatives so plan carefully.

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The metro system is very well developed in the major cities so don’t worry if you won’t be staying right in the middle of the city (although it’s affordable to do that, anyway). As long as you have a metro station within walking distance, you can easily plan your days in the cities.

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