Why you should go to Colombia

Located in the Caribbean Region, Colombia has been gaining over the years quite an excellent reputation as a tourist destination, and it’s because the government and society have been working really hard, hand in hand, to make of it a country to be proud of, a country that they can not only enjoy but offer to travelers, with endless possibilities, activities and beauty to be discovered.

Wondering What to Do in Colombia?

Start here: Why You Should Ignore Everything You’ve Heard & Go to Colombia.

It has a bit of everything for everyone, at the cheapest costs!. Food lovers, music lovers, animal and nature lovers, architecture lovers, sport lovers, history lovers… Just think about the things you like and add the lover word at the end, well, Colombia has it all and more than anyone would ever think.

Its people are just the warmest, happiest and funniest, and will welcome you in their houses as if you were one of them. The cities are a mix of old structures and their past with the modernism that characterizes these days, with colorful streets, buildings and monuments that reminds us of the times when history was made, letting us know why they have such a rich history. Explore Cartagena and 500 Years of History on the Colombian Coast.




Food is simply amazing. They are not only famous for their coffee but for the diverse menu and flavours to offer. It will make you want to cook their food back home. From fresh bananas, meat, chicken, beans, fish, potato, rice, in all shapes and sizes, they cook spectacular meals from the crunchiest to the softest. It’s a delightful experience to try them all.

We should mention that Colombia is the second most bio-diverse country in the world, after Brazil, which makes its flora and fauna one of the first attractions. Its lands go from incredible landscapes, beaches, mountains that cover pretty much the entire country’s view, to rainforests and deserts. Therefore, there are plenty of activities you can do to enjoy your trip in the middle of nature: scuba diving, jungle trekking, horseback riding, hiking, paragliding, and many more. Just check out the Volcanos and Mud Scrubs in Cartagena and Trekking in the Jungles of Northern Colombia.

The nightlife is just crazy. If you want to party with one of the coolest population on earth, drink and dance with them, you should definitely immerse yourself in the Nightlife of Bogota.

Have we said enough? I think we have. Add “go to Colombia” to your bucket list and don’t miss the opportunity of experiencing this beautiful country.

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