Africa Ecotourism

africa1.jpgAfrica is a vast continent with endless natural attractions to investigate and discover; eco travellers will be spoilt for choice.

Tour grassy savannahs and crowded watering holes for big game viewing; visit the Serengeti National Park to watch the annual migration of the wildebeest; spend a few weeks in Rwanda and Uganda searching for mountain gorillas or, if you’re feeling really energetic, climb Mt Kilimanjaro to get a better view of the world from Africa’s highest peak.

Accommodation generally consists of camps, eco lodges and resorts, although there are other options in the bigger cities.


Eco Travel Ideas

Gola Forest, Sierra Leone – Visit Gola Forest, a new National Park in Sierra Leone, which was created with the help of The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the European Commission. The organizations helped loggers realise more money could be made from tourism to the area than logging.




East African Mountain Gorillas – Trek Kahuzi-Biega’s National Park to see the quickly dwindling mountain gorillas. A glimpse of these magnificent beasts is high on many travellers’ wish-lists so it’s good to know that visiting the area encourages locals to refrain from poaching.

Earthwatch Institute – combine sightseeing with volunteering. If you’re into rummaging around with the wildlife, rather than just looking at it, why not put a few days of your holiday to good use and sign up to one of Earthwatch’s African programs?

Slow Travel – If you’re more water-baby than land-lubber have a read of Mari Rhydwen’s Slow Travel. Her and her husband chucked in a normal life in Australia and set sail across the Indian Ocean to Africa. Her accounts of life on the African coast may give you a few ideas when planning your trip.

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Cheetahs, Tribes & Sand Dunes

Spend 13 days travelling around Namibia in a small group tour with local guide, camp assiatant and cook. Visit Sesriem National Park, Sossusvlei & Sesriem Canyon, Cape Cross Seal Colony and Otjitotongwe Cheetah Park before heading for a game safari at Etosha National Park. The highlight of the trip is spending time with the Himba Tribes People.

Booking a Trip to Africa

When booking your trip, ask for the tour operator’s green credentials, how they approach the animals and what they do to keep their impact to a minimum. Opt for a tour company that employs local guides and trackers and ploughs some of their profits back into the area they tour. Check out About Ecotourism for more eco info.

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