Car Rentals Edinburgh

Rental carEdinburgh is a nightmare for drivers. The streets are narrow and the traffic is very crowded, mostly in the Old Town. If you, however, still want to use a car, it’s a good idea to part it outside the “peripheral zone” (where parking is free).

Prices and cars

If you plan to use the car only in the city, it’s important to choose a compact one (and ideally one that doesn’t use too much fuel either), while if you plan to check out the countryside, you can rent a bigger car. Make sure the car has the same transmission you are used to: no point in starting to learn how to drive a stick while adjusting to driving on the left-hand side of the road.

If you want to rent a compact car for a day, it would cost between £40.00-50.00 depending on the model of the car. Accident Damage and Theft Protection are included in the price, but in the even of an accident the driver will have to pay the “excess” (the first part of the claim).

Some of the rental companies include:




Driving in Edinburgh

Driving in Edinburgh, as in the rest of the United Kingdom, is on the left hand side of the road. Holders of overseas driving licenses are allowed to drive cars in the UK for up to 12 months. If visitors want to drive their own cars from overseas, they need have green-card insurance and bring all the car’s documents.

Visitors from Europe may be used to the roundabouts but the priority system is different: always give way for the vehicles coming from your right and always turn left when entering a roundabout.

Unless signed posted otherwise, the speed limits in Edinburgh are: 70 mph/ 112 kmph on motorways and dual carriageways, 30 mph/ 48 kmph in the city and 60 mph/ 96 kmph outside the built up areas in the city.

Police car patrols (unmarked) and speed cameras are positioned on most roads.

It’s compulsory for all passengers to wear seat belts. It’s illegal to use a hand-held telephone while driving.

Many gas stations in the city are open 24 hours a day. Gas is priced and sold by the liter.

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