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poolEdinburgh is one of those fabulous European cities that expertly mixes the new and the old in a way that makes you want to keep going back – you will always discover something new, all the while being surrounded by history. And although it is not the cheapest place to visit, there are ways to save money on your holiday – including staying in an Edinburgh hostel.

The hostels in Edinburgh vary from extremely social places where the party goes all night to quiet corners of the city where you can really soak in the history – and everything in between. The tourist-filled old city has some great hostels mere steps off the Royal Mile, which means you will be right in the center of everything. But there are hostels all over the city, if you want to get some peace and quiet away from the crowds, including some lovely B&Bs in gorgeous old homes that are only a short bus ride from downtown.

Now, you might be worried about staying in an Edinburgh hostel, thinking they are all for college-age partying backpackers. But today, most hostels do not have an age restriction at all, even if they use the word “youth hostel” in their name! Hostels these days are just ideal places for budget travelers of all ages and backgrounds to stay and meet other like-minded travelers. In fact, they are especially great options for solo travelers who want a little social interaction now and then.




Another thing that makes staying in a hostel these days different from the past is that instead of cramming everyone into oversized rooms full of bunk beds, many hostels now offer a limited number of private rooms – some of which even have private bathrooms. So you can choose to save more money by staying in a dorm-style room, or you can opt for a bit more privacy with your own room. Either way, you can still take advantage of all the social aspects of being in a hostel, and at a great price.

All the hostels in Edinburgh are going to have certain characteristics that are going to set them apart slightly, so you will have to read through the descriptions to find the one that is right for you. Pay special attention to the list of amenities each hostel offers, especially the ones that are free – things like free breakfast can be great money savers. Remember that hostels which are right in the center of the tourist district are going to cost more than the ones sitting further away from everything, so if you are really looking to save money you will want to check out the rates of the hostels further out. But do not forget to factor in the cost of public transportation, then, when you are figuring out how much you will save!

Doing a little search helps you determine what the best place might be for you. Do consider the traveler’s review because there is some truth to them or at least take those comments with caution.

Just like the hotels, hostels tend to be the most expensive and the most crowded during summer and especially in August. A bed in a private double room costs about £60/person/night, while a bed in a 16-bed dorm costs only £17/person/night.

Edinburgh seems to have a plentiful supply of both traditional hostels and also other relatively inexpensive accommodations which go by names like “guesthouse” or “bed and breakfast,” so be sure to keep an eye out for listings like that – they might cost a bit more than a traditional hostel, but they will likely cost less than a hotel and will come with oodles more charm as well.

Have a great time on your trip to Edinburgh, and if you need more information to help you plan the perfect holiday be sure to read these travel stories about Edinburgh and learn more about what to see and do in the Edinburgh Travel Guide.

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