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WarningWhen planning your vacation in Edinburgh the last thing on your mind is the travel insurance. And you are right: why think about the problems? But most often travelers think about travel insurance when they need one and don’t have one.

No matter if you are a “risk-taker” and never considered buying travel insurance or if you don’t leave home without one, at least you should take a look at the links about and get a quote. Travel insurance is not expensive and, in some cases, is very useful.

While Edinburgh is not a dangerous city at all, you may never know when your flight might be canceled or you might need medical care. If your vacation is canceled for any reason, not only do you lose your “investment” but ruing your year anyway, so having travel insurance at least gets your money back.

If you come from a European Union country, your health insurance is already covered by your national insurance (if you have one), but please not that you aren’t covered if you have to cancel your trip.

Types of travel insurance

Trip Protection Insurance/ Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip protection insurance covers all the non-refundable refundable travel expenses in case something unexpected happens, such as death, airline strike, bankruptcy of the travel operator and many more. The insurance cost is calculated as a percentage of the trip cost.

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Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance covers the emergency medical expenses, including hospitalization and surgeries. European Union citizens are covered by their national insurance while non-EU citizens might or might not be covered by their insurance at home. Before planning your trip to Edinburgh it’s advisable to ask your company what exactly your insurance covers.

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Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Edinburgh is not dangerous at all but if you fancy some “extreme” activities, you might want to consider emergency evacuation insurance. This travel insurance covers the costs for your emergency evacuation to an adequate medical facility / hospital near your home, if you became seriously ill or injured during your trip.

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Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

If something goes terribly wrong with your flight, both you and your relatives are covered by this insurance. The British airlines have a very good safety record which sure gives travelers peace of mind.

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Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

If you are a frequent traveler or if you have planned a trip around Europe, this type of insurance might look interesting for you.

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