Weather Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a temperate maritime climate which is quite mild despite its latitude. Although it’s located at the same latitude as Moscow, the winters are very mild and temperatures rarely fall below freezing.

Because of its position between hills and the coast, Edinburgh is known as a windy city.


The highest temperature during summer rarely exceeds 28 C/ 82.4 F. The hottest month is July when average temperatures range between 10.3 C/50.5 F and 18.8 C/ 65.8 F.

The average minimum temperature during winter ranges between 0.3 C/32.5 F and 6.2 C/43.2 F and the coldest months are January and February.





Winter lasts from December to end of February and can be quiet cold, while the days are short. It’s not the ideal time to visit as the weather can turn nasty. Everything is cheaper though.

Spring lasts from March to May and is the perfect time to come if you want to see the flowers in bloom. It’s not yet crowded but the prices start to go up again.

Summer lasts from June to August and is characterized by long daylight hours and lengthy evenings. Because of its latitude, the summer days are as long as 17 h, with the sun setting at around 10 PM. It’s the most crowded and most expensive time of the year.

Autumn lasts from September to November. The weather is not that bad, although you should expect some rain. Prices tend to be cheaper as the summer season ended.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Edinburgh is between May and September, although Edinburgh has a reputation of ever changing weather. So you should expect both sun and rain no matter when you choose to come.

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