When planning your vacation in England, choosing the right accommodation is the next step after booking your plane ticket. Everyone seems to want to visit England during summer hence it can be very hard to find accommodation even if you try to look couple of months in advance. So the sooner you book, the better.

Accommodation in England takes many forms. From the luxury 5 star hotels, to the hostels and B&Bs and pretty much anything in between.

Hotels in England

Like anything in England, rooms can get pretty pricey in hotels. Booking online and taking advantage of the last minute offers (even up to 2 months before your trip) can save you a lot of money though. Surely, you can’t compare the hotel room prices with the hostels but if you prefer to stay in a hotel, at least you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

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Hostels in England

If you travel on a budget, hostels can be the best places to stay in. Depending on the type of room you prefer, you can pay as little as £15.00/night for a bed in a dorm. If you prefer the privacy you can choose a private room for prices around £30/night/person. Most of the hostels offer common rooms, pool tables and wi-fi access, so don’t worry about having fun and keeping in touch with your friends while on vacation.

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Vacation Rentals in England

When you hear the words “vacation rentals” you might automatically assume they would cost a fortune – and certainly some do. But renting a vacation home or apartment for your travels in England can be a big money-saver, especially if you’re traveling with a group/family and plan to do some of your own cooking. There’s a wide variety of rental properties available, and it’s important to ask the right questions before booking.

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