Bus Travel in England

Getting around in Europe usually conjures up images of train travel – and England is criss-crossed by an intricate network of rail lines, making it easy and fast to get around the country on the train. The trouble is that it’s often expensive to travel by train in England, so if you’re on a budget you might want to look into bus travel in England instead.

Crossing large distances by bus can be problematic for anyone who doesn’t have loads of time on vacation, but England is a small enough country – with an efficient enough bus network – that it’s actually a really good way to get around. It’s even better when you consider how much money it could save you.

There are several companies that offer bus/coach services in England. The company that serves the most locations is National Express, but other names include Megabus, Greenline, and Stagecoach – each one could be a good option for you if you’re visiting the region that is their specialty.




Also note that if your trip is more of a tour of several European countries the two coach companies to look at are Eurolines and Busabout.

Bus Companies in England

Here’s more information about some of the bus/coach companies serving England. Clicking on the banner to the right will get you to the National Express site for booking.

  • Arriva – Serves five regions in England, including Yorkshire and the Midlands. They offer single tickets as well as multi-day passes.
  • First – Serves 40 cities/towns in the UK, including airport transfer services. They offer single tickets as well as multi-day passes.
  • Go-Ahead – Operates several regional bus lines in different parts of England, including Oxford and the North East.
  • Megabus – Budget bus company owned by the same company operating Megabus in the USA (Stagecoach), serves more than 40 cities/towns in the UK. Some connect with Megatrain lines, also run by Stagecoach.
  • National Express – Unofficial national bus network in England, serves more than 1200 cities/towns in the UK. Same company also runs train and tram services in some places.
  • Stagecoach – Owns the Megabus bus company, also operates several city and regional bus lines under the Stagecoach name.

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