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Most people know Liverpool thanks to the overwhelming success of the Beatles. Others know it for the football team and the party goers appreciate its nightlife. With a great cultural heritage and home to the greatest museum outside of London, Liverpool has many reasons to attract tourists.

But large cities in England are notoriously expensive and when planning to find accommodation , hostels are often the best choice for the budget and mid-range travelers. Don’t just look for the word “hostel”, though. Many budget hotels, inns and lodges offer hostel-like facilities and prices.

A great advantage of the hostels is that they are located within easy reach of the city center or close to rail or bus stations. This means you can easily find your way to them and you can easily plan your visits around the city.




Hostels in general are known to offer dorms. But if you don’t appreciate sleeping in a room with 12 other people, then you can choose a private room. They are pricier than a bed in a dorm, but they offer privacy and many offer private bathrooms, too.

And you don’t need to sacrifice the socializing part, either. You’ll definitely be using the common room — where there’s a TV, often books , games and wi-fi — so you’ll get to meet fellow travelers.

Expect to pay from £22 per night in a twin room and from £11 per bed in a 6-bed dorm. Some hostels do increase their rates by mid-summer, but that’s not always the case. Keep in mind that , usually, the cheaper and better located the place is, the faster it will sell out, so plan to book the rooms in advance (in March for June, for example).

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