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Located in the north west of England, Manchester is known for the football, music and industries. Some say Manchester is the second largest city in UK after London, others say it’s Birmingham, but either way Manchester is a vibrant city, filled with youngsters and blessed with a mild climate.

You don’t need to look only for the word “hostel” to find a budget place, hostel-like accommodation. Many budget hotels, inns , lodges and B&Bs also fall in the hostel-like accommodation type, with similar prices.

Hostels don’t only save money but they also allow for socializing. Even if you choose a private room, you’ll most likely spend time in the common room where you’ll get to meet other travelers.




And if you don’t particularly like the idea of a dorm, private rooms — with a private bathroom in many cases — cater for the couples and families. You don’t need to sacrifice your intimacy and you still get to save money.

Generally speaking, hostels are located in good areas, either close to the city center or close to train or bus stations. In other words, they are also easy to find , whether you fly or arrive by bus or train.

Try to book the hostel bed at least a month before departure. If you want to visit Manchester in the summer, then book as early as March or April. Expect to pay from £15 per bed per night in a 6-bed dorm and from £50 per night in a private double room, for travel in mid-May.

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