Arsenal vs ChelseaFootball is England’s national sport and any football fan must have heard of at least several of the English football clubs. It’s unusual for Europeans to call it “soccer” so if you come from the US you need to make the difference between American football and European football (simply called “football”).

History of football

Kicking ball games have a long history in England. The earliest documented use of the word “football” is also attributed to these lands and dates back to 1409. A description of a kicking ball game played in Nottinghamshire in the 15th century bares similarity with the contemporary football.

The English Football Association is the oldest in the world. As early as 1863 it codified the modern football. England is also home to the oldest association football clubs in the world, the world’s oldest football competition and the first ever football league.

The Premier League




The English Premier League (known among football fans as The Premiership) is the main English professional league for football clubs. The Premiership was formed in 1992 when the clubs in the Football League First Division (highest division of English football between 1888 and 1992) decided to break away from The Football League for the single purpose of taking advantage of the television rights.

The Premiership has only been in existence since 1992, but out of the more than 40 clubs that have played for the trophy since then only four have had the honor of hoisting it at season’s end: Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, and Chelsea.

Major English football teams

If in London, don’t miss a football game played by the pros. Among the most important clubs which are based in London are: Chelsea, Arsenal and Fulham. There are in total over 20 professional football clubs registered in the capital.

Chelsea‘s home stadium is Stamford Bridge, located in West London. Plan ahead if you want to watch a game as the tickets sell out really fast (even better, buy your Chelsea tickets in advance online!), and find out all the Chelsea travel information you’ll need to get to the stadium and find out where to stay.

Arsenal (The Gunners) is based at Emirates Stadium. You can buy Arsenal tickets in advance, and plan your trip by finding out how to get there and where to stay with this Arsenal travel information. Generally, if the match is not a very important one (or is a friendly game) you’ll be able to get some tickets even several days before the game.

If you visit Manchester don’t miss watching Manchester United at the famed Old Trafford. Buy Manchester United tickets in advance, and then figure out how to get to the city and the stadium with our Manchester United travel information. For the Premiership matches tickets cost between £26.00 and £48.00 for an adult, depending on the seat’s location.

The most successful football club in England is based in Liverpool. Liverpool FC. They have won 18 English league titles and five European cups (a record for England). Nicknamed the Reds, their stadium is Anfield. Get travel information for Liverpool, including hotels and hostels near Anfield, and then get your Liverpool tickets.

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