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Most travelers, when contemplating where to stay, search for hotels or – if they’re on a budget – hostels. In England, they’re likely to expand that search to include B&Bs, given the country’s abundance of them. Unfortunately, many are missing out on savings (as well as a potentially more interesting experience) by not considering a vacation rental in England instead.

England vacation rentals aren’t just for people staying in one place for weeks or months on end, and they aren’t only for the very rich. In fact, staying in a vacation rental can actually be a budget option – and as long as you’re not moving to a different city every other night, a vacation rental could be right for you.

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Depending on your destination, you’ll be able to choose from stand-alone houses, townhouse-style houses, and even compact apartments (or “flats,” as they say). While a grand country estate would be considered a splurge, it’s easy to see how booking an apartment rental for a few days in a big city could be budget-friendly.

Some travelers may be more inclined to rent a vacation home in England than others, too. Solo travelers, for instance, aren’t likely to save money by booking an apartment rental when single rooms in hotels (or single bunks in hostels) are often cheaper. Anyone traveling in a group, however, whether it’s a family or a group of friends, can save quite a bit of money by staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel. Families and serious budget travelers in particular will appreciate having a kitchen in a vacation rental, since that means they can cook some of their own meals. That’s great if you’ve got kids or if you’re trying to save money by not eating out.

Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider before booking a vacation rental in England.

  • Location: Where exactly is the vacation home? You’ll want to know how far you need to go to reach things like restaurants, markets, attractions, etc. Were you hoping for a nearby park so your kids could run around? Did you know there’s a busy street just outside the window, so that light sleepers may not get much rest? All of these kinds of questions should be answered by researching the location of the vacation home and asking questions of the vacation rental booking company.
  • Transportation: Any savings you’re getting by booking a vacation rental can be eaten up if you’ve got to pay for transportation to get anywhere because the house or apartment is so far away from everything you want to see and do. In bigger cities especially, pay attention to how much public transit costs and how often you’ll need to ride it from where the vacation rental is located. In the countryside, you’re much more likely to need a car to get around, including to and from your vacation rental.
  • Budget: As mentioned, staying in a vacation home in England rather than a hotel can save you money. But it’s easy to be put off by the costs often quoted on booking sites, because they’re usually listed by weekly rates. In order to compare apples with apples, multiply the nightly rate of the hotel you’re considering to see what it would cost for the same week – or divide the vacation home weekly rate to get a nightly rate. You may be surprised how much cheaper some of the vacation rentals are. Make sure to check on whether the vacation rental has a minimum booking, though – some require at least two nights.

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