Weather England

London weatherEngland has a temperate climate, characterized by wet summer and cool wet winters. The rain is plentiful all year round and the four seasons are quite variable in temperature. Temperatures really fall below 23 F / -5 C or rise above 86 F / 30 C.

The prevailing wind is from south-west which brings the wet weather from the Atlantic Ocean. But it is also responsible for the mild weather during the winter. It might snow outside the cities during winter and early spring.

The driest part of England is in the east, while the warmest is in the south.


All over Britain, so England included, there are four seasons:

  • Spring: March to May
  • Summer: June to August
  • Autumn: September to November
  • Winter: December to February

If you want to avoid the wet and cold weather, it’s better not to visit England during winter but, in general, England is the country of all seasons. Just make sure to pack appropriate clothing and don’t forget your umbrella. The statement “fine London weather” might be cynical but it’s also very true.

Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons to visit if you plan to spend some time in the countryside. The spring flowers are marvelous to watch while the autumn colors will charm everyone.




The hottest months are July and August, while the coldest are December and January. Temperatures may drop below freezing point but not in the cities.


Here are some average low and high temperatures for the most important towns in England:


July/Aug avg high 71 F / 21 C; avg low 53 F / 11 C
Dec/ Jan avg high 44 F / 6 C; avg low 34 F / 1 C


July/Aug avg high 68 F / 20 C; avg low 55 F / 12 C
Dec/Jan avg high 44 F / 6 C; avg low 36 F / 2 C


July/Aug avg high 67 F / 19 C; avg low 54 F / 12 C
Dec/Jan avg high 44 F / 6 C; avg low 35 F / 1 C


Aug avg high 70 F / 21 C; avg low 53 F / 11 C
Dec avg high 44 F / 6 C; avg low 36 F / 2 C

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