After you get your Germany airfare sorted, the next thing on your to-do list is likely to be figuring out where to stay during your Germany trip.

In addition to having a few popular tourist destinations, Germany is also a major business-oriented country. This means that not only will you find charming family-run hotels and backpacker-oriented hostels, you’ll also find hotels geared toward business travelers. There are also B&B-style accommodation options in Germany, spa resort hotels, and apartment/house rentals can also be a great option.

Hotels in Germany

Every tourist destination in Germany will have an array of hotel options to suit just about every kind of traveler, from high-end luxury hotels to 1-star budget hotels. In the more popular cities, the hotels closer to the city centers or major attractions will usually be more expensive, so if you’re looking for a budget option consider hotels further from the center (as long as you’ve got an easy and cheap way to get back and forth).

As mentioned, some hotels are more busines-oriented – and though you may look at the rates for these hotels and think they’re not budget-friendly, keep in mind that these hotels are more likely to be cheaper on weekends, when the business travelers have gone home. In other words, you may find good deals on business hotels if you’re visiting on a weekend.




Hostels in Germany

Germany is one of the countries that has a plentiful selection of hostels to choose from in most of the bigger/more popular cities. Many hostels these days have both private room options (some with en suite bathrooms) and dorm room options, so you can pick whichever suits your budget best.

Also keep in mind that some hostels still call themselves “youth hostels,” but not all of those even maintain an age restriction. Read the fine print to make sure, but don’t dismiss hostels that have the word “youth” in the title out of hand.

Vacation Rentals in Germany

Renting an apartment or a house for your Germany trip can be an excellent option, especially if you’re traveling with a family or other kind of group. You’ll often save quite a bit by booking a vacation rental, and you’ll save even more with the ability to cook your own meals instead of eating out all the time.

Remember to pay attention to the location of the vacation rentals you’re considering, as countryside locations may require a car and city locations may be far enough from major attractions that you’ll spend much of your savings on transportation.

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