Bavaria is the largest federal state of Germany, home to Munich with its Oktoberfest, interesting cities, lovely castles and a unique feel. Bavaria is what non-Germans think of when they picture Germany, but, in truth, the state is much similar to the neighboring Austria, rather than the rest of Germany.


Bavaria is located in south-east Germany , having international borders with Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Important cities

  • Munich , the capital of Bavaria, famous for Oktoberfest
  • Nuremberg, famous for the Christmas market
  • Augsburg, medieval city
  • Bamberg, historical city, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Regensburg, located on the bank of the Danube


The best time to visit Bavaria is during spring or autumn. You’d probably want to avoid the high of summer when the prices are high and the crowds can put stress on your vacation. If you want to ski, then plan your vacation during winter (December to March).

Some sample temperatures:

Jul, Aug avg high 22 C / avg low 12C
Jan avg high 2 C/ avg low -4C

Jul avg high 23C/ avg low 12C
Jan avg high 1 C / avg low -3C

Jul , Aug avg high 22C / avg low 12C
Jan avg high 1 C / avg low -3C

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How to get to Bavaria

International travelers will fly into Munich , thanks to its large airport with plenty of connections. From there, you can travel by train or rent a car to get around Bavaria.

Should you fly from Europe, a good option is to look for flights into Nuremberg or Frankfurt. Then you can catch a train to get to other cities. And although located far from Munich (110 km), Airport Memmingen is served by many low cost European carriers, such as Air Berlin, Flybe, Ryanair and Wizz Air, providing affordable flights throughout the continent.

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You can also travel by train from the Czech Republic , Austria and further east from Budapest and its connections with Romania and Bulgaria.


Munich can be an expensive destination, especially if you plan your visit during Oktoberfest. But there are plenty of hostels to choose from no matter when you visit the city (book way in advance if you plan to be here for the festival).

There are hostels and hotels available in each major city. If you travel during the high season — July , August, Christmas, New Year’s Eve — it’s always best to book the beds in advance.

What to do and see

Bavaria doesn’t lack historical sites and interesting cities. Start with spending 3 days in Munich , which also include a day trip to the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen.

You can also visit the interesting Nuremberg, with its Imperial Castle and the Old Town. Learn more about the time when the city used to be where the Nazi Party held the rallies. Visit the city in December and enjoy the Christmas Market.

Bavaria has excellent ski resorts, but there are smaller than the ones in Austria or Switzerland. Therefore if you are looking for something more relaxed , consider this area for your next winter vacation . If you like to be active but don’t want to ski, visit the Bavarian Alps in the summer and you can hike and mountain bike. Or, for an off-the-beaten path choice, visit the Bavarian Forest , with a scenic route and plenty of interesting things to discover.

Drive the The Romantic Road. It’s a scenic road through Bavaria, passing by castles , hidden monasteries and charming villages. Augsburg is a stop on this road.

Sample the local food , famous for the many varieties of sausages, potato salad and dumplings. Don’t forget to wash those down with beer. And you should also try the wines.

Photo credits: Nuremberg Christmas Market , Food

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