Bus Travel in Germany

Bus travel is not the most popular way to travel within Germany — that would be the train. However, where they exist, bus routes are a very good choice and the tickets are often cheaper than the train tickets. Bus companies offer the possibility to book the tickets online (and booking in advance usually means you’ll get discounts, too).

Getting to/from Germany by Bus — From Another Country

Maybe you don’t manage to catch a low-cost flight to Germany or the bus goes exactly where you want to arrive. Either way, Germany is well served by buses from every corner of Europe. Buses are reliable, cheap and clean.

Eurolines operates buses between Germany and Spain, Italy, Romania, Austria, Montenegro, Croatia, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands and Slovenia.

Berlin Linen Bus also offers connections between Berlin and cities in Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Rep., Hungary, Bulgaria , Poland, UK and France.

Getting around Germany by bus — from one city to another

Long-distance bus travel is pretty much unheard of in Germany but there are some bus routes, originating in Berlin, which offer connections to parts of the country.




Berlin Linen Bus operates buses between Berlin and various German cities, including: Stuttgart, Munich , Koln and Dusseldorf. Tickets can be bought online and there are discounts available if you book in advance.

Deutsche Touring , an Eurolines partner, also offer buses within the country, but those are limited to the Hamburg — Frankfurt — Mannheim route.

There are also bus companies which operate within each province. You can run a search to find the bus companies but many don’t have a website in English and some only offer sightseeing buses or tours.

Getting around Germany by bus — within a city

Buses in Berlin are the slowest means of transportation but they can take you anywhere within the city. Express buses are also available (and they are generally faster). Routes 100 and 200 connect Alexanderplatz to the Zoo and pass by almost all of the historical sites within the city.

Hamburg also has a very well developed public transportation network. Buses run 24/7 (there are special night buses available) and they connect the city center to the outer districts.

Munich also offers public buses and the single trip within the center is €2.50 (priced just like the U-Bahn).

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