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Hamburg is Germany’s Gateway to the World, home to the country’s largest port and one of the fastest developing cities tourism wise. Offering historical sites, an exciting nightlife and a busy harbor area, Hamburg is visited by many tourists each year. And thanks to the airports serving the city, it’s not hard or very expensive to get here.

Two airports serving Hamburg

Hamburg is served by two large airports:

  • Airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel (HAM ) : is an international airport serving Hamburg and is located 8.5 km from the city center. It is not a hub for any airline but offers plenty of flights to/from Europe, including flights operated by low-cost carriers. There are some flights from North Africa, Middle East, North America and Asia, too. The airport is connected to the city by S-Bahn S1 commuter train line (€2.80 one way).
  • Airport Lübeck-Blankensee (LBC) or Hamburg Lubeck : is located 54 km from the city center and is the playground of two major low cost carriers: Ryanair and WizzAir. However, both offer a limited number of connections. There are buses connecting the airport to the city center.

Low cost carriers serving Hamburg

Here is a list of low cost carriers flying into Hamburg (HAM):

  • Air Berlin — Austria, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey
  • TUIFly — Austria, Bulgaria , Cyprus, Egypt, Germany. Greece, Iceland, Italy, Morocco , Portugal, Spain , Switzerland , Turkey
  • Germanwings — Austria, Croatia, France , Germany , Greece, Hungary, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain , Sweden, Turkey , UK
  • Brussels Airlines — Austria , Belgium, Czech Rep., Finland , France , Greece, Hungary, Italy, Morocco , Norway , Poland, Portugal, Russia , Serbia, Slovenia , Spain , Sweden, UK
  • Condor — Cyprus, Egypt , Greece, Morocco , Spain , Switzerland, Turkey
  • EasyJet — France , UK
  • Aer Lingus — Ireland
  • Meridiana- Italy
  • Norwegian — Norway
  • Vueling Airlines — Spain
  • SunExpress — Turkey
  • Pegasus Airlines — Turkey
  • Flybe — UK

Here is a list of the low cost carriers flying into Hamburg Lubeck:




How to save money on flights to Hamburg

The most important thing which influences the fare is the season. If you fly during the peak season (July and August) the fares are always at their highest. For the cheapest fares, plan to visit the city in early spring or late fall.

There are several low-cost carriers which have a strong presence at Hamburg Airport, including Air Berlin, TUIFly , Germanwings and Brussels Airlines. Make sure to compare prices before you choose the carrier.

If you fly from other continent than Europe, it might be cheaper to choose a connecting flight via another major European hub, and then continue on a low cost flight.

Make sure to book the flight in advance. Typically 4 to 8 weeks are enough to find a good deal but you can also check the special sales from various airlines. Still, don’t relay on last minute deals especially if you plan to fly low cost airlines.

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