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Berlin may be Germany’s capital city, and Frankfurt may be home to its busiest airport, but Munich remains the top destination for most travelers headed to Germany. The fact that it hosts an annual party that’s become a household name synonymous with heavy drinking for days on end doesn’t hurt, but even if you don’t go to Munich during Oktoberfest there are many charms to this Bavarian city that await you.

The first order of business, however, is getting there without spending a fortune.

Thankfully, Munich is home to the second-busiest airport in Germany – and unlike the German airport giant in Frankfurt, Munich Airport (MUC) is served by a decent array of low-cost airlines along with the major carriers. That gives you more flexibility to employ one of the tips below about finding cheap airfare to Munich, and it also means that if you’re traveling to Munich from a starting point that’s already in Europe you’re more likely to find a good deal on a flight.




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Here are some tips to help you find deals on flights to Munich.

  • Fly to a different city first. This is the tip that will make use of those low-cost airlines that fly into Munich. If you find a fantastic deal into another European airport (whether it’s Frankfurt or outside Germany), check to see whether there’s a budget carrier that could connect you from that city to Munich for a cheap price (budget airlines that serve Munich include Air Berlin, bmibaby, easyJet, TUIfly, and Vueling). It’s like two puzzle pieces that you have to finesse into place, but if you can make it work logistically it can save you quite a bit on airfare.
  • Fly in the off-season. As mentioned, Munich is an extremely popular destination in Germany. Its high seasons are the summer months, the Oktoberfest season, and (to a slightly lesser extent) the Christmas holiday season. Visiting outside these times means you’re more likely to find a cheaper flight (not to mention cheaper accommodation).
  • Fly midweek. Leisure travelers tend to fly most often on weekends, while business travelers tend to travel on Mondays and Fridays. This concentration of passengers Friday-Monday means that airfare can sometimes be higher on those days – even in the off-season. To give yourself a better chance at finding deals on airfare, try booking your flights (both ways) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.

photo by Sebastien Launay

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