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Germany is not a small country and trying to see all of it in one trip is impossible. But that’s just another reason to plan to come back, right? But between flights , accommodation, meal and entertainment, there’s always the need to save some money. And one of the best ways to do it is by choosing a Germany hostel for your stay.

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Some misconceptions about hostels

The most common one refers to the words “youth hostel” which appears in the name of some places. While once it meant there was an age restrictions and not everyone could stay in a hostel, those days are gone. Sure, you cannot book a room on your own if you are underage, but otherwise there aren’t any issues.

Also, many consider that hostels only offer dorms. There are still some hostels which don’t offer private rooms, but many hostels offer private rooms and some take it further and offer private bathrooms , as well. In such a way, not only backpackers can benefit from the low hostel rates; many families and couples choose a private room in order to save some money and enjoy the company of other travelers.




Some benefits of Germany hostels

Hostels are an excellent way to save money but the benefits don’t stop here. You get to meet other likeminded travelers. Most hostels have a common room and you’ll bump into others sooner or later. And conversions spark from absolutely any reason.

Also, hostels are located close to the sites or transportation hubs. You don’t need to stay in the middle of nowhere and change two metro trains and five buses to actually get to the center. Sure, a hostel bed in the center can be a bit more expensive than one further away.

To help you narrow the long list of hostels in Germany, just type your travel information into the search engine on this page and then you will get a list of the hostels in that city which have available beds the nights you want to stay. Then all you need to do is read through the descriptions until you find the one you like best and book it!

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