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Germany ranks high among tourists. Just think of the crowds headed for Munich during Oktoberfest. While most of those are youngsters who don’t mind staying in a bunk bed in any hostel — as long as they have money for beers — there are also travelers who want a bit more from their room. Enter Germany hotels, catering for all types of travelers and budgets.

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Germany Hotels Benefits

As in the case of any country, different Germany hotels offer different perks. Hotels range from budget 1 or 2 star , usually run by families and with facilities competing with hostels (and in most cases being listed on hostel booking sites, too) to luxury 4 or 5 star hotels with personal butlers and facilities you’ve never dreamed of. So the only thing which is kind of problematic is the budget because the more facilities, the more you’ll pay for your room.




Choosing a Germany Hotel

If you want luxury — or at least something more than just basic accommodation — it’s a good idea to plan your vacation outside of the peak travel season. So, avoid July, August and December at all costs. If you travel to Munich, September and October are best to be avoided, too , unless you have beer on your mind. So, plan your visit in early spring (March, April) or late fall (November). That’s when 5 star hotels can cost as little as 3 star hotels do during the busier periods.

As in case of touristy cities, the closer to the sights you’ll be, the more your Germany hotel room will cost. Unless you book well in advance and manage to score a good deal (which is not impossible). But even if you stay further from the center, opt for a hotel close to public transportation stations and you won’t need to worry about getting around.

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