Germany Maps

One of the best ways to get started when you’re planning a trip somewhere is to look at a map – and that’s even more true when the country you’re visiting is big. Germany takes up a huge part of Western Europe, and getting a handle on its geography by consulting a map of Germany during the trip planning stage is a must.

The map above is a good start to help you see where various cities are in relation to one another, but eventually you’ll need to get a more detailed map you can hold in your hands. This is especially critical if you’ll be driving in Germany, when even a map showing the whole country on one page may not be detailed enough. Thankfully, the map experts at Michelin produce not just a Germany map (which is lumped in with a few other countries for good measure), but also regional maps of the country – if you’ll be driving, pick up the regional maps for the parts of Germany you’re driving in. You’ll thank us later.




If you’ve got an iPhone that you plan to use in Germany (and that won’t cost you a fortune in roaming charges), you can also get some iPhone apps that have Germany maps – although it’s still a good idea to have a paper map with you, just in case the battery runs out.

map image by Hokiesvt

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