Things to Do

It’s not surprising that there are lots of things to do in Germany, given the size of the country and diversity of its landscape and regions. What’s on your to-do list will depend largely on what part of the country you’re visiting and what time of year you’ll be there.

Germany’s big cities offer museums showcasing the country’s history and contributions to art. The natural beauty extends from the thick forests of the south to the coasts along the North and Black Seas. History in Germany usually refers to the World War II era, but rather than try to sweep it under the carpet Germans acknowledge what happened (in an effort to keep it from happening again) and continue to reinvent their country.




It’s a horrible travel writing cliche to talk about places that are a flawless blend of history and modernity, but it’s hard not to think that in some parts of Germany. In others, it’s hard to believe that you haven’t accidentally jumped in a time machine and journeyed back a few hundred years. This is a country of great natural beauty, strong cultural traditions, a challenging history, and a bright future.

photos by Patrick Nouhailler, timeyres

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