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When you’re planning a trip, chances are good that you’ll book your flight first and then figure out an itinerary. Only when you’ve got that sorted will you start looking for accommodation. In Germany, you’re likely to hunt for hotels and – if you’re really on a budget – hostels, but why not consider a vacation rental in Germany instead?

Contrary to what you might assume, renting a house or apartment during your Germany vacation can actually be an economical option – especially if you’re traveling with a family or other group. Multiply the cost of even a basic hotel room over 5-7 nights (or multiple rooms to accommodate everyone in your group) and that’s a massive expenditure. Contrast that with a vacation rental that has enough beds and pull-out sofas to accommodate everyone in your party under the same roof and you can see the advantages.

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Going with a vacation rental rather than a hotel room is worth considering if you’re staying in one spot for at least three nights – the more, the better. Additional savings comes into play when you think about food – you will, in a vacation rental, have your own kitchen. That means you’ll be able to shop at the markets and keep a few snacks on hand, not to mention cooking up a few meals throughout your stay, both of which can help you save quite a bit. Having a kitchen at your disposal is especially nice if you’re traveling with kids.

The type of vacation rental you’ll get varies depending on where you are in Germany. In cities like Berlin and Munich you can rent apartments in the city center and be within a stone’s throw of attractions, restaurants, and shopping. In the countryside you’ll find more stand-alone houses, often outside town centers, that are ideal for someone seeking peace and quiet.

Here are a couple things to think about when considering a vacation rental in Germany:

  • Location: It’s important to know exactly where a vacation home is so that you know how far you’ll need to travel to get to things like the attractions you want to visit, as well as the nearest restaurants and markets. If you’ve got kids, you might need to know that there’s a park or play area close by. If you’re a light sleeper, knowing the apartment overlooks a busy street before you book may save you from sleepless nights.
  • Transportation: Find out whether the vacation home is near public transportation or so far from town that you’ll need to have a rental car to get there. This is extremely important to know before you book, since an unexpected car rental can be expensive. Even in the city, make sure your apartment rental isn’t a long bus or train ride from the major attractions, or you could spend more time and money than you wanted to in transit each day.

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