Mayan Ruins Guatemala


Tikal is easily the most grand and most popular set of ruins in Guatemala. The ruins in Tikal are better known as The Great Plaza. This set of ruins once served as the capital city of the large Mayan empire. This set of Maya ruins has everything from large temples, to buildings, and even a ball court.

The archaeological site of these ruins are now part of the Guatemala’s Tikal National Park.

The ruins found in Tikal are currently the largest set of Mayan ruins in the world. and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




Even after decades of excavation, there are still thousands of buildings that have yet to brought to the surface. Among the number of excavated sites, the most prominent surviving buildings include six very large Mesoamerican step pyramids. Some of these pyramids are over 200 feet high.

Other Mayan Ruins


Quirigua is one of the smallest Mayan cities in Guatemala, but still widely popular. Its popularity is due to its number of beautiful monuments. Among these monuments is the largest stelae ever found in a Mayan city. A ghost town of sorts, Quirigua was abandoned in the 10th century for unknown reasons.


If you are looking for an adventure to accompany your visit to Mayan ruins, you’ll be interested in finding your way to Aquateca in the region of Peten. Found in the jungle along side the Pasion River Ceibal, Aquateca is an interesting assortment of waterways, ruins, and jungle.