Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala and although there aren’t many things to do here, it’s the transportation hub of the country and the gateway for international flights. Antigua Guatemala, commonly known just as “Antigua”, was the colonial Spanish capital of Central America. It is now a UNESCO World […]

Getting from Guatemala City to Antigua

Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala and all the country’s highways start from here. Tikal is a large archeological site. During the Classic Period it was one of the most important Mayan cities. Due to its remoteness and jungle setting, Tikal is one of the most popular Mayan sites […]

Getting from Guatemala City to Tikal

Volcanoes are among the most interesting and feared natural wonders in the world. While their lava shows and raw power are what makes them so beautiful and intriguing, they are also what make volcanoes so dangerous. Lava flows can destroy entire towns and ash eruptions can kill people and livestock, […]

The Santa Maria Volcano

Unfortunately, changing money isn’t as easy as it is in many other Central American countries. In fact, it is border line troublesome. Trying to exchange any type of currency other than the US dollar is a hard thing to do outside of the international airports. Even trying to exchange currency […]

Exchanging Money in Guatemala

While Guatemala has a higher crime rate than some of the other countries in Central America, many tourists travel here every year without any problems. Staying safe in Guatemala is an easy thing to do if you follow a few simple rules and keep your wits about you. If you […]

Staying Safe in Guatemala

One of the most popular eco lodges in all of Guatemala, has to be the Chiminos Island Lodge. The Chiminos Island Lodge is located about six and a half hours from Guatemala City, but most people come here from the nearby city of Flores. From Flores, is only about a […]

Chiminos Island Lodge