Renewable Energy

G’day! You’ve reached a section of New Site Created that is, sadly, empty. In time, however, it will be filled with all sorts of fantastic information, so if this particular subject is your bag, bookmark it and come back later. Meanwhile, why not encourage us to get off the couch […]

Help Wanted

Every so often we at BootsnAll get phone calls or emails from reporters or writers who are doing stories about travel and are looking for some real-life travelers to speak with. Last fall, I got a call from a television reporter in the Washington, D.C. area who wanted to interview […]

BootsnAll Traveler Makes Television Debut

Check out the topics currently being discussed on the BootsnAll Travel Forums: People who are seasoned travelers tend to be methodical about packing – even if they’re last-minute packers, there are things that go in their bags that they’d never think of leaving home without. But what about the carry-on? […]

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