Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras are one the biggest tourist destination in the country. The main reason people come to the Bay Islands are to enjoy the postcard perfect beaches and the world class diving. The coral reef that surrounds the Island of Rotan is considered to be the second largest coral reef in the world. As such, you expect to see an amazing assortment of fish, crabs, and other underwater lifeforms.


The Bay Islands are located off of the Caribbean coast of Honduras and include several islands. The three most popular are Rotan, Utila, and Guanaja.

How to get to the Bay Islands

Since the Bay Islands are so popular, they are easier to get to then some of Honduras’s other islands.

The easiest way, but not the cheapest, is to take a domestic flight. These airlines currently offer flights to the islands; Isleña (TACA) Airlines, Sosa Airlines, and Atlantic Airlines. All of these airlines have daily flights to the Bay Islands.




If you need a more budget friendly means of transportation, your best bet is the ferry. You can catch a ferry from the following cities; Utila and Roatán.

TACA, Delta and Continental, on select days, provide direct flights from the United States.


The Bay Islands have a tropical climate that includes a rainy season from mid-October to late November. Tempetures, in and out of the water, tend to be between 77F – 88F. However, trade winds constantly blew here and keep a cool breeze going year round.

What to do

Learning SCUBA dive is a popular thing to do here. Not only do many people come to Honduras to learn to dive because of the world class reef, but because its cheap here. Honduras is one of the cheapest places in the world to learn how to become a certified SCUBA diver.

if you don’t feel up to learning how to SCUBA dive, you can always go the snorkeling route. Anywhere off the islands coast you are sure find something under the water to gaze at. It is easy to spend a whole day just floating around and watching the unique underwater world here.

The Garifuna community on Roatan are know for their unique island culture and powerful dances. Take a day trip to their community and learn some of their ancient dances. This is fun for the whole family or that budding photographer who wants to get some great photos.

There are a number of smaller, deserted islands, here. Find a tour operator who can arrange a trip to one of them for you. These are a great way to spend a whole day. Make sure to pack a camera, snorkel gear, and plenty of food and water.

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