Car Rental Honduras

Honduras is the second biggest country in Central America and although buses can take you pretty much anywhere, there are often times when you’d rather travel the country at your pace, stopping wherever you want for whatever time you want. That’s when you need to contemplate renting a car.

Driving in Honduras

You are a good drive back home. Good. But don’t expect you know how to drive in Honduras. First, you need to know that driving in another country than at home is totally different. Then, buy an updated map and find someone who can navigate it (ideally you or your traveling companion). At best, driving in Honduras is an adventure. At worst, you might as well walk.

The main highways and generally, the main roads, are in good shape and the speed is in metric. Don’t expect the locals to stick to those limits, though. The secondary roads generally have more potholes than the major roads. Watch out for the traffic lights well hidden in the cities.

Lanes aren’t marked, drivers don’t exactly wait until it’s safe to pass the car in front and they often pass it with traffic coming from the other direction…that’s Honduras in a nutshell. Outside the cities, the driving speed limit is 80 kmph. The seat belt should always be worn.




It’s best if you speak at least some Spanish. Sure, you can book the car in English but don’t expect to speak the language when you pick it up. And the signs on the roads are also in Spanish.

What car to rent

If you don’t plan to explore the off road, a simple, compact car is absolutely enough. If, however, you want to go to remote places, then consider a 4 x 4. Make sure to ask if the insurance is included in the rental price. There are also cases when your credit card company might provide some kind of insurance, as well, so do your search.

The rental price depends on the company, car and what’s included. In many cases the fire and liability insurances are included in the price. For example, a Toyota Yaris will set you back from US$102 per day if you rent it online and pick it up at Tegucigalpa Airport. A Toyota RAV will set you back from US$150.50 per day, insurance included.

Among the large car rental companies, Avis has a good presence in Honduras.

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