Once you have made the decision to visit the country of Honduras, you will want to start thinking about where in Honduras you want to go. While Honduras has a variety of very interesting places to vist, it also has some that you will probably want to bypass if you can manage it. This list of destinations in Honduras should help you do just that. Depending on what you want out of your vacation will closely affect where you want to visit in Honduras and where you don’t. As time goes on, this list will grow to cover more areas of Honduras.

Tegucigalpa — This is the capital city of Honduras and likely the one that you will be flying into. Like most major capital cities of Central American countries, there will be little of interest here to most visitors. The main reason people stay here is to catch an early morning flight or in transit from one part of the country to another.




Bay Islands — The Bay Islands are probably the most popular tourist spot in all of Honduras. It is here that you will find the largest concentration of diving schools, snorkeling locations, and top dive spots. While the prime reason people visit the Bay Islands is to dive, they are also perfect for those looking for beautiful beaches to relax on.

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