Flights to Honduras

Since Honduras is still growing as a tourist destination, now is the time to visit and take advantage of the cheap cost to vacation here. Both budget travelers and those looking for a cheap luxury vacation will find what they are looking for in Honduras.

The flights to Honduras from North America is fairly inexpensive considering that it is an international flight. Obviously, flights from overseas destinations like UK will be a bit more expensive. However, there are still deals to be found, they just require some planning and a little research.




The cost of your flight to Honduras will be based off of your departure date and how far in advance you make your reservations, the airline itself, the season, and whether it is a direct flight or not.

Here are some tips for finding cheap airfare to Honduras:

  • Try to find out which airlines use airports in Honduras as hubs. If an airline has frequent flights to and from major airports in Honduras, they will probably have lower prices than those that don’t and will probably offer even better sale prices if you can hunt them down.
  • Try this site out for looking up cheap airfare to Honduras.
  • If you can swing it, schedule your flight to Honduras during the middle of the week. While the weekends are busy because of the limited vacations most travelers get, Mondays are preferred by business travelers, which means airlines don’t need to worry about the seats on the planes filling up. By scheduling your flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday could save some money on your ticket to Honduras.
  • Booking your flight during Honduras’s shoulder season (one or two week before or after the high season) can save you a chunk of change. This way you can get most of the benefits of the popular season at a fraction of the cost. If you are an employee, chances are you can get days off easier during this period rather than during the high season. Check out Vacations in Honduras for more information about the tourist season.
  • Using fare watcher tools can help you get spur of the moment deals on airfare. Have money set aside for your plane ticket and then sign up for a fare watcher alert. that way, when you get a super low price, you can jump on it.

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