Hostels Honduras

There are a decent amount of hostels in Honduras, but nowhere near as many as more popular Central America locations like Costa Rica. Hostels are pretty easy to find in the popular parts of Honduras, but can be a tad hard to find in more rural areas. You can do your best to search out hostels on the internet while planning your trip, but your best bet is to play it by ear once you get there. Honduras is still developing, so you won’t find many of its hostels listed online.

Before you book

Before booking a reservation for a hostel in Honduras there are a few things you should consider:



  • In Guatemala, hostels are alson known as hospedajes and pensiones.
  • Sometimes hostels may be advertised as “youth Hostels.” This doesn’t mean there is an age restriction. It is just a simple marketing ploy.
  • Some cheap hotels may advertise themselves as a hostel. While these places are cheaper than larger, nice hotels, they are not as cheap as backpacking hostels.
  • Hostels can range from an awesome place to stay to something the resembles a jail cell more than a room. Try to talk to other travelers and see what hostels they would suggest.
  • Many hostels are mainly dorm rooms or rooms with 4 to 5 beds. Sometimes these dorms are co-ed, while others are gender specific. Many hostels will also have private rooms that are available for a higher rate.
  • The two main factors that affect the price of a hostel in Honduras are the time of year and its location. Popular destinations will be a bit more expensive, while rural areas will be very cheap.
  • Read the reviews of Honduras hostels here. If we don’t have the hostel listed, try to talk to other travelers in the forums before you book a reservation and see if they have stayed there before.
  • During the busy season its always a good idea to make reservation a few days in advance if possible.
  • Prices at hostel don’t tend to change during the busy season. If they do, its only by a few dollars.

Worth Trying

If you are looking for a good budget hostel in Tegucigalpa that is pretty popular and in a good location, you might want to check out Tegu Airport B&B Homestay. Rooms here start at about US$19.00 a night. The place advertises its self as a bed and breakfast, but it is about as cheap as any good hostel in Tegucigalpa.

There is a new backpacker friendly hostels in San Pedro Sula called Tamarindo Hostel, that offer dorm rooms, internet, and other backpacker necessities. Prices for this hostel start at US$12

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