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In the city of Tegucigalpa and some of the major diving locations you may find some chain hotels such as the Marriot and other major players. These chain hotels tend to have your average price tag associated with them. The real bargains when it comes to hotels in Honduras are the locally run ones. These local hotels usually have much more personality and charm than the chain hotels.

Many of the local hotels in Honduras toss around terms like lodge, bed and breakfasts, and Inns; so take accommodation’s names with a grain of salt. The reason these local hotels are such a great deal is there price. For less than a US$100 you can get a nice room in a lodge right on the beach in a popular diving town. Many of these hotels have restaurants and usually offer package deals that include tours or diving.

Hotel Types

As with hotels in most places, you get what you pay for in Honduras. Sure, you could probably find a hotel for US$10, but it will probably be the size of your closet and hotter than hell. Luckily, there are tons of great hotels around the country that are very affordable and very nice.

Lodge style hotels seem to be very popular, especially in costal areas. These lodge style hotels will usually have a much more laid back feel than a typical hotel and offer that “beach hut” feel that the chain hotels can’t. The best part about these lodge style hotels is that they are not that expensive. Many will cost you less than a US$100 for a beach front room.




Like many other tourist destinations in the world, the closer the hotel is to an attraction, the more expensive it will be. In Honduras, that attraction is often one of the many diving hot spots. If you are looking for a hotel near a popular dive spot, there are a few things to consider:

* What kind of diving discounts does the hotel offer?
* Does the hotel have its own dive staff or do they work with a local operator?
* If the dive operator is off site, do they or the hotel offer transportation?

The best dive hotels tend to be right on the beach. Normally I would suggest staying a bit further away from town to get cheaper deals on hotels, but the hotels in Honduras are so cheap that you don’t really need to.

Hotel Prices

Hotel prices in Honduras are very affordable. The most expensive hotels can be found in Tegucigalpa or in some of the few all inclusive resorts. These high end and luxury hotels will of course vary in price, but will usually start at around US$150 a night.

Average hotels in Honduras can easily be found for $40 to $70 a night in the more popular destinations and coastal towns. Rural areas will be much cheaper unless they are by a tourist attraction.

For most of the year, especially in the rainy season, reservations are not needed. During the months of November to April however, you will want to make reservations. Popular hotels near touristy destination can become booked up fast.

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