Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras and also the largest city in the country. Like many captial cities in Central America, there is little to do here other than layover in between stops while touring the country. Crime is still fairly bad here, so most travelers tend to stay here as short as possible.


Tegucigalpa is located near the South Western area of the counrty and rest among a small mountain chain.

How to get to Tegucigalpa

Most people fly into Tegucigalpa via an international flight. From here, you can take buses, taxis, and private vans to and from the city.





Of all the capital cities in Central America, Tegucigalpa has the nicest climate. This is thanks to its high altitude. While the city still has the tropical climate you would expect to find here, the elevation creates a less humid feeling. Temperatures here range from to 66 to 74 °F with the winter months being a bit colder.

What to do

Like any good capital city, there are a number of good museums and galleries to explore. Get some information on the ones closest to where you are staying, and make a day of it.

There are several huge malls and shopping centers. These major malls are multi-level shopping centers that include grocery stores, movie theaters, and much more.

There really isn’t much to do in in the city. It also isn’t saf to walk around alone or after dark. Most visitors tend to head to there destination as soon as their plane lands and bypass the city altogether.

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