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Any visitor to Honduras is sure to enjoy its beaches. The Caribbean beaches are especially beautiful year round. Many of these white sand beaches offer amazing scenery above and below the surface. No matter if you feel like sunbathing or SCUBA diving, the beaches of Honduras are a great place to do both. The waters are pretty calm and great for swimming, but not so much for surfing. If you are looking to catch some waves, you may want to visit the islands for some better breaks.


If there is one thing that Honduras is known for, it is world class diving. Not only does Honduras offer some amazing diving, it offers extremely low prices for diving. Honduras is one of the cheapest places in the world to get SCUBA certified and a great place to start learning. The waters of Honduras house the second largest coral reef in the world. Second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The Bay Islands are the most popular diving destination, but many other coastal cities have great underwater sites from shipwrecks to underwater caves.

Mayan Ruins




Make your way toward Western Honduras near the Guatemalan border and you will find an amazing set of Mayan Ruins. The Mayan site of Copan is the site of one of the greatest pre-Columbian Mayan civilizations. Here you can explore a variety of ruins, hieroglyphics, and sculptures. Tours to Mayan site of Copan can be arranged from just about any major city without problem. Many tours will include transportation to and from your hotel.


As with every Central American country, there are a number of colorful festivals through out the year that are worth checking out if you happen to be visiting at the right time. The most popular type of festival to find is the one marking a given cities patron saint. Each city has their own patron saint and holds a festival yearly to honor it. Some of the more popular cities for these types of festivals include the La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula.


There are a number of amazing waterfalls throught Honduras, but the most popular one is the Pulhapanzak waterfall. This waterfall is the largest in all of Honduras. Pulhapanzak drops about 140 feet, which is only about 30 feet shy of Niagara Falls. One of the reasons the Pulhapanzak waterfall is so popular isn’t because of its size, but because you can actually climb into a cave behind the waterfall as well as swim around near the base of the waterfall.


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